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Why 2023 Will Be A Pivotal Year For Wexer


Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO, shares what’s coming in this pivotal year for Wexer.

As I look ahead to 2023, it is with great excitement for both Wexer and the business sectors we serve. It will certainly not be an easy year, with global recession looming large on the horizon. Yet, we’re seeing the steady rise of health, fitness and wellbeing becoming a priority along with non-discretionary consumer spending.” 

Fitness providers around the world are broadening their offering and creating omnichannel strategies to create a fully integrated customer service experience 24/7. A good omnichannel strategy combines elements of sales strategy, technology, digital marketing and customer service to improve the customer experience, regardless of the channel they use.

Not only is the fitness industry ripe for digital transformation, but a diverse range of other businesses are seizing the moment to leap into fitness and wellness offerings. These opportunities lean into our expertise at Wexer, with organisations around the world harnessing our world-leading technology and digital content to support the health and wellbeing of their communities. 

Because of our 2022 acquisition by Core Health & Fitness, we have the investment, distribution and support for the dramatic growth and scaling of our business to accelerate our mission of hybridising fitness and wellness delivery around the world.

So that’s the big picture, so let’s explore the strong roadmap to bring it to life. 

Top Reasons It Will Be Pivotal Year For Wexer


1. Expanding Wellness Focus

Wellness is arguably the hot trend right now, worth $1.5 trillion (USD) globally and growing at 5–10 percent annually, according to McKinsey research. Consumers intend to keep spending more on products that improve their health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness.

Wellness is already a category we have been developing in our rich content library. In 2022, we pressed down the pedal and brought in a wealth of new wellness-focused content. The uptake has been phenomenal. We’ll continue to place a strong emphasis on wellness in 2023, making the development of this category a key focus of our content strategy this year.

2. Improved Technology Experiences

With an exceptional in-house development team, all our technology is purpose-built to ensure the most robust, reliable products on the market. We believe the best can always get even better, so we’re continually working on new features and functionality. It’s about staying one step ahead of the market, pre-empting end users’ needs to help our customers exceed expectations. Last year, that included our new platforms with the Web Player partner app and Virtual Connect. There’s lots more to come in 2023, kicking off with a responsive new interface for our Web Player that delivers an optimal experience on any screen size. Keep watching this space because our technology development team is growing! Stay tuned for more cool stuff to come.

3. Addition of Powerful New Team Members For Global Growth

It isn’t just our technology team that’s growing, as we are adding some fantastic new team members to sales and marketing. As we ramp up for growth, this new team will bring valuable knowledge and expertise across new markets and new verticals. There’s a real buzz about Wexer right now, and the talent we’re attracting proves it.

4. ContinueD Growth in Additional Vertical Market Sectors

Originally, we started with the fitness market by providing exceptional digital experiences both within and outside the club. Over recent years, Wexer has created a strong foundation in each additional sector which is as diverse as hospitality, corporate wellness, multi-family housing and even telecommunications. Of course, we are still experiencing growth in our original business focus by helping health clubs serve their members. The reinforced distribution channels resulting from Core’s new investment, besides the new team expertise, will allow us to expand our presence in other verticals and our core fitness business. 

2023 is going to be a pivotal year for Wexer and we’re all raring to go.

Get in touch now to find out how your business can get onboard with this momentum, and why it will benefit you to do so: info@wexer.com




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